Our School

Winthrop schoolThe Winthrop School, named after 17th century governor John Winthrop, is the oldest public school building in Melrose. It was built in 1926 with an additional wing constructed in 1956.

Winthrop Elementary School has 360 students and close to 50 faculty members. Parents and community members are deeply involved within our school, and this level of commitment goes far in fostering a vital home-school connection. Our PTO is also quite active, enthusiastic, and responsible for many of the events that take place in our building. All school volunteers must register through The Bridge and have documentation on file before coming into our building. Please note that for safety and security, all volunteers and visitors must enter the building through the main office, sign-in, and wear a volunteer/visitor badge at all times.

In addition to volunteering within the school, families are encouraged to become active participants in your child(ren)’s education while at home. Students are here for only 6 hours each day and with you for the rest. Have discussions about the school day, favorite (and least liked) lessons, activities, or classes. Set up a solid homework and nightly reading routine, have supplies and learning tools stocked and accessible, and be patient. Elementary school years are the time for learning about, and developing systems of organization. Children need modeling of these routines from adults, and the same system or routine might not work for every student.

Communication is an utmost priority and there are many ways to stay informed. Should you have a specific question, please contact your child’s teacher by phone or email. If you feel a conference would be helpful, please ask to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet.