Contribution Letter PTO

ptoDear Winthrop Community,

The Winthrop School PTO supports the Winthrop community by volunteering time to classroom activities, implementing school community programs and events as well as providing financial support to classroom curriculum and enrichment programs.  The funds to support these programs all come from the annual PTO budget.  While there are several subsequent fundraising events being planned for the school year, PTO contributions comprise a significant portion of income that is allotted to facilitate these community events.

We at the Winthrop PTO are aware that each family has different financial resources that can be allocated to this type of expense.  Our suggestion contribution is $30.00 per child in the school, the campaign is asking for a contribution that is comfortable for you and your family.  We are very lucky to have such an involved community and appreciate everything each of you does to make the Winthrop PTO so successful!

Donate Now! or print form: PTO CONTRIBUTION LETTER

 Thank you!

Melissa Lucas, President